What I Stand For

My manifesto is made up of three main policies, each one is designed to give you your voice back, and to give power back to the people of BAOS.

1. Make Legislation Democratic

The laws that parliament pass dictate the shape of our country, and yet we get no say in them. We vote for people on the basis that they will vote for certain policies, and yet often we are let down. Five years ago, you voted for Simon Hughes. He pledged to scrap tuition fees for university students, but he abstained from the vote in parliament and tuition fees now stand at a staggering £9,000 a year.

If you vote for me, this will change. Through a website, and through an app, you will be able to vote on every single piece of legislation that parliament passes. When it comes to my vote in the House of Commons, I will represent the majority. Literature on each bill will be readily available, so you can become aware of and knowledgeable about the surrounding issues.

2. Make Political Education Accessible

I believe that democracy and education go together. In order for democracy to work, voters need to be educated and engaged. I will work with local governent in order to implement this. Free weekly lessons will become available in community centres, and I will liase with secondary schools and academies to put politics on the timetable for students.

3. Facilitate Discussion between Local Public Services

It is the people who work in public service that make demcoracy workable. Bus-drivers, policemen and women, NHS workers, teachers, librarians – these are the people that provide what we need to make the local community work. They know first-hand the problems that the community faces. Only by making it so that they can communicate effectively with their MP, councillors, and with one another, can we begin to understand and really address these problems.

A website devoted to a discussion forum for these workers will be made available, and meetings between elected representative of each service will take place on a monthly basis. This communication will enable public services to work together, ensuring local issues don’t come into conflict.


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