Meet the Team

Lucy Hall – Candidate

Lucy graduated from Manchester University with a degree in History and Politics in 2012, and then went on to do an MA in Legal & Political Theory. She worked at a literary agency before taking time out to focus on the campaign.

Jack Colchester – Campaign Manager

Jack studied History at Manchester, also graduating in 2012. He worked as a media analyst for a year before switching to advertising, currently working as a strategist and data planner.

Rose Bell – Assistant Manager

Rose studied Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art and Design, graduated in 2013 where she was awarded the Rosalie Schweiker award. She worked in theatre production after leavng university and she is now a practicing artist in South London.

Josh Allott – Production Manager

Josh also studied at Manchester, graduating with a degree in Film and Drama in 2012. He has gone on to make several independent films, as well as working on documentaries such as Educating Yorkshire. He is currently working on a documentary about tribes in Ethiopia.

Max Dunne – Graphic Designer

Max studied Games Design at Leeds Metropolitan University between 2008 and 2012, where he spent a year in New York  working for a web design company before returning to Leeds to finish his studies. He is now a web designer, is in the process of writing a book and is working towards becoming a professional guitarist.

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